Best Buy

Role: Business & Market Analytics


To clarify: This pitch is being shown not as to showcase any design elements, but rather to validate my research and analytical capabilities. These are both integral to the problem solving process put forth when dealing with marketing dilemmas.

I originally wrote this business pitch back in the fall of 2011 while I was working for Wunderman Tokyo. The pitch was requested from Wunderman NY as a way to help them win Best Buy as a new client. This idea now has the potential to help Best Buy reclaim their title as the #1 electronics retailer in the US by influencing both online and in-store purchases.

View the URL below for the Wired article outlining these ideas and how they have been implemented in a preliminary 50 Best Buy flagship stores.

What beats Amazon Prime and free shipping? For me, it’s something that’s in stock, near me, and right now. That beats free shipping any day of the week—and if you can add a knowledgeable blue-shirt and a price match, you are golden.
— Stephen Gillett, President - Best Buy Digital