Michael David Watson

Product Designer

Austin, TX


Currently: Sr. UX / UI Designer @ Charles Schwab

He was once described as something of a "mystery wrapped in an enigma." He is ethereal and heroic. He is inquisitive and quixotic. He is the transcendence of man upon himself.

He is, to be perfectly honest, quite fluffy.

Michael doesn't have a 'can-do' attitude. He has an 'already-did-it-and-made-it-better-than-it-was-before' attitude. When you ask him to jump, he doesn't jump higher, he simply pushes the planet farther away. He has a penchant for rubbing clients in the right manner and a knack for delivering in a pinch. He speaks both Macintosh and Windows fluently. He is downright hungry for knowledge and is always keen to hear of the next meaty project where he can sink in his teeth.